Jacalyn Meyvis


Jacalyn Meyvis is a photographer in Rochester, NY specializing in portraits, engagements, proposals, and weddings.

grain is so good + reasons to shoot film

i started shooting regularly with 35mm film a few months ago and i'm not turning back (sounds dramatic). 

my first experience with 35mm film and photography in general (outside of my iphone) was last year in a dark room class at the genesee center of the arts with mark watts (take his classes!!)

i really enjoy the dark room and all but after that class session ended i jumped right into digital. which is why going back is much sweeter. 

i am less stressed.

i slow down and enjoy where / what i'm presently shooting.

i pay more attention to the details.

i spend little to no time editing (cropping / straightening). if that doesn't convince you i don't know what will.

picking up the cd / prints and pulling out the contact sheet in the car is really exciting. i could go on. 

i edit my digital photos to look like film. VSCO filters are based off film. 

let's get back to the basics. why do we need so many pixels?! grain is so good. 

 (i've been using my dad's old pentax k1000 and kodak 400 film #loyal) dm me if you have any questions! 

Jacalyn Meyvis